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  • Apartment cleaning
  • Home cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Standart cleaning
  • General cleaning
  • Cleaning after repair
  • 35
  • 45
  • 55
  • 65
  • 75
  • 85
  • 95
  • 105
  • 115
  • 125
  • ONE cleaning
  • TWO cleaning (-10%)
  • THREE cleaning (-15%)
  • FIVE cleaning (-25%)
  • Two bathrooms +15%
  • + Balcony +10%
All workers are polygraph examined
The exact cost on the site
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How do we work

There are THREE TYPES OF CLEANING, different in cost.
STANDARD – there is one clinic at the facility that has everything you need to clean up.
GENERAL – a team of cleaners with professional equipment works at the facility, each is responsible for his area.
AFTER REPAIR – a team of cleaners is working at the facility that have the skills to remove building materials from surfaces.
Call or send an application through the site. In most cases, we can start work on the same day.
Remember that with the cleaning you can order the repair of electricians and plumbers!

Calculation of cost

You can yourself calculate the exact cost of cleaning in the “Calculator” section of the website.
Our dispatcher also can do this – call.
No “from … uah.” For cleaning you pay exactly the cost, which is calculated on the site. And not a penny more;)
The cost of repair depends on the time spent, but the exact amount you will be informed before the start.

Cleaning and repair

At the appointed time, the cleaner/ repairman or crew arrives at the facility. Tactically and politely our employees will find out your priorities and wishes.
The process takes no more than 3-5 hours.
Cliners work on a well-defined technology card.
We use professional equipment and detergents.

Acceptance of works and payment

The service providers are the cleaners / repairmen who are responsible for the quality of cleaning and / or repair.
We created standards for them and trained them.
After the finishing of services, the cliner each time fills out a checklist and sends it to you for approval.
You accept the service, point out deficiencies that are immediately eliminated.
After accepting the service, you pay it directly to the cleaner and sign the work acceptance document.

CLEAN&FIX- cleaning service of a new format for cleaning and maintenance in Kyiv and in the region

Cleaning has become affordable!


Kiev region

Your city?

We have destroyed the stereotypes:

Fixed cost of cleaning: 1 sq.m – 17 UAH.

From now on, no “from … UAH.” You will calculate the exact cost on our website in the Calculator. You do not need to wait for the review of the room, the price will not change.

We carefully check and educate our Cleaners, carefully monitor their rating. Each Cleaner regularly runs a polygraph.

Calculate the cost of cleaning




To order


To order

After repairing

To order
  • 1. Tables
  • 2. Window sills
  • 3. Chairs
  • 4. Shelves
  • 5. Doors (no frames)
  • 6. TVs (without monitors)
  • 7. Door frames
  • 8. Jalousie
  • 9. Chandeliers
  • 10. Air conditioning
  • 11. Ventilation grates
  • 12. Picture frames
  • 13. Light fixtures
  • 14. All available surfaces from floor to ceiling
Wipe down
  • 15. Sanitary engineering
  • 16. Mirrors
  • 17. Nickel plated parts
  • 18. Towel dryer
  • 19. Door handles
  • 20. Furniture (outside)
  • 21. Refrigerator (outside)
  • 22. Boiler
  • 23. Kitchen stove
  • 24. Oven (outside)
  • 25. Windows (inside)
  • 26. Window frames (inside)
  • 27. All available surfaces from floor to ceiling
  • 28. Windows (outside)
  • 29. Window frames (outside)
  • 30. Parquet / laminate (special waxing)
  • 31. Kitchen sink
  • 32. Hood (without filters)
  • 33. Bathroom
  • 34. Shower cabin
  • 35. Shells
  • 36. Toilet + bidet
  • 37. Ventilation + taps
  • 38. Kitchen apron
  • 39. Deep bath and shower cleaning
  • 40. Tile in the bathroom
  • 41. Hood with filters
  • 42. Tile seams
  • 43. Removing plaster residue
  • 44. Removing remnants of mounting materials
Floors and baseboards
  • 45. Dry cleaning
  • 46. Floor сleaning
  • 47. Сleaning baseboards
  • 48. Sink washing
  • 49. Removing stains from paint
  • 50. Removal of remnants of mounting materials
Options (separate payment)
  • Sink the kitchen appliances inside
  • Furniture cleaning inside
  • Window washing
  • Ironing
  • Delivery of keys
  • Repair of plumbing
  • Repair of electrical equipment
  • Furniture repair
  • Dry-cleaning of furniture and curtains
Before We leave
  • We will provide the premises
  • We will take trash
  • Replace the trash packets
  • We fix your beds
  • Place everything as it was
  • Turn off the light
  1. Clean only accessible surfaces without dismantling parts of furniture / appliances.
  2. Do not clean the surface where there is a risk of damage.

We sweat the details

We sweat the details On top of the standard features, we will go the extra mile to get your place looking fantastic. Just ask for a deep clean, or mark your individual needs in the booking process

All repair services

Washing the refrigerator

185 UAH

Oven cleaning

135 UAH

Microwave cleaning

85 UAH

Washing in the kitchen cupboards

155 UAH / 1 hour

Washing dishes

155 UAH / 1 hour

Washing windows on both sides

from 55 UAH

Chandelier washing

155 UAH / 1 hour

Washing inside cabinet furniture

155 UAH / 1 hour

Dry сleaning ofтextile furniture

from 55 UAH

Dry cleaning of leather furniture

from 105 UAH

Dry cleaning curtains

55 UAH/1 sq.m.

Dry cleaning of pillows

55 UAH

Adjustment of plastic windows

from 55 UAH

Repair of locks

from 105 UAH

Repair of cranes

from 105 UAH

Configuring the Wifi router

205 UAH

Repair of furniture

from 155 UAH

Replacing the bulbs

35 UAH

Connecting and setting up the TV

205 UAH

Rubbing parquet/ marble/ laminate

35 UAH /1 sq.m.


Calculation of cost

The exact cost of cleaning you count on the site.
For cleaning you pay exactly the cost, that was calculated on the site.


Call us or send an application through the site (to you will call back). Check the date and time. When ordering several drops, you get a discount of up to 25%

Cleaning and repair

At the scheduled time, the cleaner / repairman or crew arrives at the facility. Cleaning time is from 3 to 5 hours.

Inspection and payment

You inspect and accept the service, point out the shortcomings that are immediately eliminated.
After accepting the service you pay it directly to the cleaner and make a paper on acceptance work.

“I said this once and say again: CFservice is a coup in the cleaning. Total for UAH 840 I professionally clean an apartment twice a month! “

Oleg Gromovoj ,owner of the company «The Gentls»

“I ordered general cleaning of the apartment and dry-cleaning of the sofa, everything was done professionally and promptly”

Anna Malyar ,famous TV presenter

“Easy and my wife is satisfied. Water does not flow, the door closes clearly, nothing flutters and does not fall off. I recommend CFservice”

Anton Gerasimenko ,businessman and father of 3 children


All our cleaners and repairmen are polygraph examined.

Our partner – UKRAINIAN POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION (UPA) ensures that fraudsters and people with dual intentions will not work in your home or office.

Warranty of the APA

We're Hiring !

Company CFservice invites to work: cleaners; housekeepers; maids; facility administrators; craftsmen “all trades.”
We really appreciate our employees, we create a system of motivation and career advancement.

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Do you want your apartment or cottage to sparkle with cleanliness, but you don’t want to spend hours of cleaning for cleaning? There is an alternative that does not require you either time or effort – cleaning service. Cleaning is your opportunity to quickly and efficiently clean the whole house, office, restaurant on a professional level. Our company offers a wide range of services, from simple cleaning to large-scale general cleaning of everything in the room.

Cleaning has become available.

Count it! Surprise! Order it!

  • Apartment cleaning
  • Home cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Standart cleaning
  • General cleaning
  • Cleaning after repair
  • 35
  • 45
  • 55
  • 65
  • 75
  • 85
  • 95
  • 105
  • 115
  • 125
  • ONE cleaning
  • TWO cleaning (-10%)
  • THREE cleaning (-15%)
  • FIVE cleaning (-25%)
  • Two bathrooms +15%
  • + Balcony +10%


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