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About us

  • History of company

    CLEAN&FIX was founded in 2018.

    Since then, we are doing our best to make cleaning and household repairs available to you.

    We clean. You relax.

  • Main about CLEAN&FIX

    We analyzed the market and realized that cleaning services are too expensive for Ukrainian citizens, and nobody at all systematically does minor household repairs.

    We have destroyed the stereotypes by which the cost of a cleaning company’s service is measured by thousands.
    CLEAN&FIX is a system of quality management and control that allows you to clean your apartment or office for 500 UAH or less.

    Exact value. No “from … UAH.” For cleaning you will pay exactly the price that was calculated on the site. And no penny is more ?

    Our mission is to create a unified information platform for customers and performers (cleaners / repairers), which will make the cleaning and repairing services profitable and available.

  • Quality assurance

    Each of our cleaning ends with quality control by 50 points.

    The cleaner traverses the object and notes the execution of each item so that nothing is accidentally forgotten or omitted.

About services

  • How does CLEAN&FIX work?

    CLEAN & FIX is a quality management and quality management system for cleaning and repairing. We associate Customers (You) and Performers (Clerks / Repairers) who are trained and supervised.

    Calculation of cost
    The exact cost of cleaning you count on the site.
    For cleaning you pay exactly the cost, that was calculated on the site.

    Call us or send an application through the site (to you will call back). Check the date and time. When ordering several drops, you get a discount of up to 25%.

    Cleaning and repair
    At the scheduled time, the cleaner / repairman or crew arrives at the facility. Cleaning time is from 3 to 5 hours.

    Inspection and payment
    You inspect and accept the service, point out the shortcomings that are immediately eliminated.
    After accepting the service you pay it directly to the cleaner and make a paper on acceptance work.

  • What are the types of cleaining?

    CLEAN & FIX offers you three types of cleaning:

    STANDARD CLEANING: – You have a single cleaner who comes with inventory and detergent on your own. The cleaner has undergone professional selection, polygraph examinations and training. He knows the cleaning technology and has clear instructions for ethics of behavior. Removes dust and dirt on visible surfaces.

    GENERAL CLEANING: – You have several cleaners headed by a team leader who distributes tasks and controls the quality of service provision. Quality cleaning requirements are highest. Wiping windows, chandeliers, used professional cleaning technics.

    AFTER REPAIRING CLEANING: – You have a brigade that comes with special industrial equipment to remove the remainder of building materials. Packaging and removal of construction waste are taking place. After removal of the remnants of building materials, General cleaning is carried out.

  • What is included in the STANDARD cleaning?

    We have very strict standards of cleaning- there are strict regulations that determine what to do and in what sequence, as well as 50 quality control points.

    This is what comes in STANDARD cleaning:

    In living rooms:
    Wipe all available surfaces, switches and door handles;
    Clean mirrors and glass surfaces;
    We fold clothes and arrange things;
    We make the bed;
    We wash the floor, wipe the baseboards and, if you have a vacuum cleaner, vacuum the carpet;
    We clean the garbage.

    In the kitchen:
    Wipe all available surfaces, switches and door handles;
    My outside stove, countertop and refrigerator;
    Wash my conch;
    Wash the floor and wipe the baseboards;
    Take out the garbage;
    Wash dishes (any amount in the sink)

    In the bathroom and toilet:
    Wipe all available surfaces, switches and door handles;
    Wash and disinfect toilet bowl;
    My bathroom / shower;
    Clean mirrors and glass surfaces;
    My floor, wipe the baseboards and, if you have a vacuum cleaner, vacuum mats;
    Wipe cabinets from the outside;
    We take out the garbage.

    In the hallway:
    Wipe all available surfaces;
    Clean mirrors and glass surfaces;
    My floor, wipe the baseboards and vacuum mats, if you have a vacuum cleaner;
    We put shoes.

    Additional Services:
    You can choose them when you make an order for cleaning.
    Refrigerator cleaning
    Oven wash
    Microwave washing
    Window cleaning
    Balcony cleaning
    Pick up keys
    Key delivery
    Cleaning inside kitchen cabinets
    Cleaning inside the wardrobe
    Chandelier cleaning
    Wash pet tray
    We will be happy to do this if you choose one of the additional options.

    Within the framework of STANDARD cleaning and additional options we:
    – we do not lift and do not move heavy objects and furniture;
    – do not do dry cleaning of carpets;
    – do not clean the blinds and curtains;
    – do not tidy up in the closet;
    – not wash the walls.

    But you can order a GENERAL cleaning, so that we tidy up in the closet, or do dry cleaning of carpets.

  • Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

    No, you don`t need.

    We use and provide environmentally friendly supplies and nearly all equipment required for cleaning your apartment.

    At your wish and request we can also use your cleaning products, which you prefer and trust.

    If we use your cleaning products, then:
    – the cost of cleaning does not change;
    – responsibility for their effectiveness lies with you.

  • What is schedule?

    CFservice works always.

    We work 7 days a week.

    From 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.

    From 10:00 to 16:00 on weekends.

    In these ranges, choose the time convenient for you.

  • Do we clean the balcony?

    Well, of course, yes!

    Although it is an additional option. Choose it in the calculator when placing an order, and the cleaner will clean up the balcony and wash the balcony windows.
    But the window will need to specify further.

  • Do you move the furniture away?

    During the general cleaning, we can move the table or cabinet, but not a sofa or bed.

    We do not have special equipment to move heavy furniture. Without it, you can damage your floor and the back of our clinoer.

    As for the cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets – you can order dry-cleaning of furniture through the order form, or as an additional option for general cleaning.

  • Can I give instructions to the cleaners?

    Yes, you can. But they need to be coordinated.

    If you have special instructions and requests for cleaning or repair, please check with the CLEAN&FIX representative at the time of placing your order.

    We will try our best to satisfy your wishes. But, unfortunately, we are not all-powerful.

  • Chandeliers can be cleaned?

    Yes, we taught our wines to clean the chandeliers and added equipment and tools for this.

    Just add an additional option “Clean the chandelier” to the order and prepare the stepladder.

  • How to count a separate bathroom?

    In the calculation, we take into account only the number of full bathrooms in which there is a shower or bath.

    This means that if you have a separate bathroom, namely, a bathroom and a separate toilet, then during the ordering process you must choose one bathroom.

  • And if something goes missing or damaged?

    The most important thing is not to worry. We are confident in our performers, but just in case we keep our own insurance reserve.

    It is formed from small deductions from the cost of each cleaning. We basically refused to cooperate with insurance companies – they are too slow.

    As long as they decide who is right and who is wrong, we will have time to repair the damage yourself.

    At the same time, our security service will work with the cleaner – we actively apply polygraph tests for recruitment and internal investigations.

About payment

  • Who and how to pay?

    You pay directly to the Contractors (cleaners / repairmen) after the provision of services.

    You can pay in cash or by credit card.

    Cash from you takes the cleaner. And if you need to pay with a card, then find us on Privat 24 or make a direct transfer to a bank card number.

  • Do I leave a tip?

    You decide.
    But! You will never be hinted at or asked for a tip.

    Our specialists are forbidden to make obvious or hidden hints about tips or additional payments for services.

    Tips remain at your discretion.


No problem. Leave your phone and our managers will contact you. You will receive answers to all questions regarding our service.