The CFservice cleaning company has talented and qualified specialists in its arsenal that allows us to expand the range of our services and make your apartment or office as comfortable as possible for your pastime.

Thus, our cleaning service, including, is engaged in household repairs. CFservice professionals have vast experience in repairing electricians of any type of premises, so this multifunctionality will allow you to solve any household problem and equip an apartment, office or industrial premises in accordance with any of your wishes.

Our cleaning agency specializes in the following services for working with electricians:

  • Replacement of lamps of all types
  • Repair / replacement of circuit breakers
  • Installation of light points / outlets
  • Mounting fixtures
  • Installation of doorphones
  • Installation of a door bell
  • Install and connect the TV
  • Installation of uninterruptible power supplies
  • Installation of machines

It should be noted that the team of specialists of the cleaning company CFservice in the work with the electrician has a corresponding professionalism and qualified discharge. This circumstance is more than important in the household repair of electricians, since such work requires a high level of skills and good experience, so that the result is of high quality and has no life-threatening and health-related consequences.

Moreover, in addition to all the above advantages of the staff of our cleaning service, we can add one more, much more important, namely, the foreign experience. CFservice works on the principle of transferring the European experience in cleaning and household repair to the Ukrainian market. Our task: to make these services accessible and popular among the inhabitants of our country. Due to this goal, we create and provide our services with the highest quality, and also, we focus on the efficiency of the service, and also on the loyalty of the price policy.

Therefore, if you need repairing switches, replacing lamps, installing outlets, installing and installing a TV set, or other manipulations related to the repair or installation of electricians – we are happy to help you in this.

It does not matter at what stage is the task of working with an electrician: installation, dismantling, primary, secondary installation or general repairs – we will find a professional approach without any problems, we will fulfill your order qualitatively and in due time!


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