Imagine a comfortable, practical and cozy room without furniture. Does not work? And this is not surprising, since furniture is one of the main components of not just a beautiful interior, but a living space in general. Since, furniture performs a dozen different functions: starting aesthetic, ending with household necessities.

That is why, the cleaning company CFservice included work in one of its specialized areas with furniture. At what, our professionals work as with the restoration and repair of any type of furniture, and with its installation and installation.

Our specialists will provide you with services for fixing and installing furniture regardless of the type of your premises: be it an apartment, a private house, an office or even a technical room.

As for the other parameters in the spectrum of this service, namely: the age of the furniture, its type, material and condition – also do not matter, because our specialists will cope with any task related to furniture: adjustment, repair, replacement, installation, installation, dismantling and with many others.

Moreover, professionals from CFservice will do even the most difficult job of repairing and installing furniture – not only qualitatively, but also as quickly as possible. Our cleaning agency is a team of true professionals, and we really appreciate your time. That is why only qualified specialists work in our company, whose experience and skills will make it possible to do the work quickly without spending a single extra minute of your time.

Specifically, the range of our services for working with fittings includes:

  • Adjustment of furniture (doors, drawers)
  • Repair of furniture
  • Adjustment of plastic windows
  • Replacement of incorrigible components
  • Restoration of scratches / mechanical damages
  • Replacement of rollers / handles
  • Installation of child locks on windows
  • Installation / repair of blinds
  • Installation of cornices
  • Hanging shelves

CFservice – this is really the place in which to solve all your everyday problems. Our team not only treats your order with professionalism, but also with trepidation, because we, because of our experience in the field of small household repairs and cleaning, practiced earlier on European expanses – we understand how important every detail in your house is or office, because of these trifles and consists of comfort.

Your comfort is something that directly affects your: productivity, mood, life position and many other important aspects. It is for a number of reasons that we invite you to use the services of repair and installation of furniture from the cleaning company CFservice, and to become one of our happy customers.


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