It is not necessary to be a great aesthetist and connoisseur of beauty in order to penetrate an attractive interior and to understand its significance in any type of premises: an apartment, a private house, an office or technical premises.

Even the smallest, at first glance, little things, such as: paintings, curtains, decorative plants – are the elements that make up the general interior of the room. Although the aforementioned components do not have large scales in caring for themselves, however, they also need to devote time, which is disastrously small, along with the rest of household work.

In our opinion, this is a sufficient number of arguments in favor of choosing a CFservice cleaning company for reliable assistants.

Naturally, operating with European experience, and successfully introducing it into the Ukrainian expanses and this market of services, we have the highest standards: from the selection of qualified staff of specialists in household repair and cleaning, ending with the quality of the service itself and all the attendant moments.

Absolutely any household task is under the power of our professionals, with it, it concerns not only minor repairs and cleaning, but also the decor of the premises, as well as small errands for which, due to their employment or any other reasons, you do not have enough time, and exactly:

  • Nest of pictures
  • Curtain / Curtain Fitting
  • Transplanting flowerpots
  • Watering of plants
  • Cosmetic repair of walls
  • Ironing of clothes
  • Washing dishes
  • Clothing repair
  • Room decoration
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors

As you can see, we will take care even that your picture is merry evenly, and a spilled cup of coffee does not cause discomfort due to stain and smell. It is the concern for small things that is the main indicator of our competitiveness, due to which, we strive to develop and conquer more and more peaks in the sphere of our professional orientation.

Thus, the CFservice team is a professional in a very special, in our opinion, sphere: solving all issues within your apartment or office. We will take care of the cleanliness, comfort and integrity of your premises, but most importantly – about saving your precious time.

The staff of our cleaning agency will quickly arrive at your appointed place, and will promptly perform all assigned tasks. With our help, you will have the opportunity to organize your life in the way you want it, without any binding to everyday obligations and routine routine, which takes time and mood.


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