Sanitary engineering

How important and integral part for productive work and good rest is the serviceable plumbing system. At what, well-working plumbing is an indispensable condition both for office and industrial premises, and for apartments, private houses and cottages.

Realizing this, the cleaning company CFservice provides a huge range of services for repairing plumbing. If you encounter a problem in: installing or repairing faucets and mixers, causing leaks, cleaning impurities, eliminating mold or applying sealant, our professionals will solve it with great pleasure and ease.

Ease and efficiency in the execution of sanitary engineering works is completely justified, because our cleaning service employs experienced and qualified staff.

Our team is able to cope with any given task in the aspect of repair or installation of sanitary ware, because, a high level of experience and qualifications allow you to perform this function.

The development of the skills and abilities of our team makes it possible to offer a huge number of services for the repair of sanitary ware, and to expand this spectrum. For today, we provide services for work with plumbing in the following areas:

  • Installation of taps / mixers
  • Elimination of leaks
  • Pollution cleaning
  • Elimination of mold / sealant application
  • Mounting the boiler
  • Installation of the toilet bowl
  • Connecting the washing machine / dishwasher
  • Shower enclosure mounting
  • Installing the heated towel rail
  • Comprehensive renovation of the bathroom

The huge professional experience of our specialists is backed by foreign practice. This feature is part of the concept of the cleaning company CFservice, and also gives a great advantage in the direction of competitiveness among other companies for cleaning and small-scale maintenance.

In addition to the fact that you will be satisfied with the result after the intervention of our team, still, we guarantee for you the honesty and decency of every professional CFservice. All members of the team of our experts are tested on the lie detector, with the help of which, we provide an additional argument in favor of the choice for our company. After all, in this case, we are talking about the performance of plumbing works in private premises, so the presence of trust is one of the main conditions in our cooperation with you.

You can apply for services for working with plumbers in CFservice, regardless of the condition of your bathroom or kitchen. Since our specialists are equally professional in coping with the initial installation of such equipment, and with its repair.


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