Additional services

CFservice – this is a cleaning agency, the main purpose of which is client-oriented. We understand that each of our clients is individual. Accordingly, it has its own set of needs, criteria and requirements for cleaning, which stimulates us with even greater enthusiasm to develop the range of its professional cleaning services.

The main directions of our cleaning service are:

  • Spring-cleaning;
  • Daily cleaning;
  • Professional cleaning;
  • Capital cleaning;
  • Disinfection of premises.


Providing the above services for cleaning, we left satisfied with a huge number of customers, many of whom turn to us and still. After all, a quality and prompt cleaning service based on European experience will not leave indifferent even those who adhere to the principle “Do you want to do something good – do it yourself”.

Trying to be even more useful to our customers, CFservice offers a number of additional cleaning services:

  • Washing of plumbing, mirrors;
  • Rubbing of nickel-plated parts, furniture and windows;
  • Polishing the laminate with special wax;
  • Removal of stains and remnants of mounting materials.

The cleaning company CFcervice also provides cleaning services after repairs. You do not recognize your apartment, in the good sense of these words! After all, we will not just restore order after construction or repair, but also provide a number of additional services, such as washing windows, dry cleaning furniture, removing rust, cleaning ventilation grilles, chandeliers and blinds.

After all, as we know, performing complex repair work there is always a risk of any contamination of furniture and interior items.

Speaking of repairs! If you need small household repairs, our cleaning agency can easily provide such an opportunity. After studying the vastness of the Internet on requests similar to: “the husband’s service for an hour” or “small household repairs – Kiev” – we offer you, once again, to save time and money, because our cleaning company provides a service for repair of apartments on a turn-key basis. If you need not only in clean and comfortable housing, but also in repairing washing machines, electricians at home, repairing the bathroom, furniture, televisions or plumbing work – CFservice with pleasure and ease will solve all these and many other maintenance tasks .

We wish you to truly enjoy the opportunity to use your free time, and dispose of it the way you really want it!


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