Eco cleaning


Eco cleaning is one of the standards of high-class cleaning

CFservice provides quality cleaning services in any of the derived cleaning categories, namely:

  • Post-repair cleaning;
  • General cleaning;
  • Maintenance cleaning;

But in this case, we are talking about a special approach to cleaning, which consists in using both environmentally friendly materials and cleaning products, as well as a technician.

The materials used have an exclusively organic composition, which minimizes the risks associated with high sensitivity to the classic chemical compositions of household chemicals, or simply contraindications to this type of remedy. And this, in turn, allows you to feel the clear privileges of eco-cleaning along with the rest of the techniques offered by cleaning companies.

Ecological cleaning – Klondike health and well-being

The reasons for the negative impact of household chemicals may vary: from age to health, but our cleaning company will organize its work using professional cleaning tools in such a way that you will only have to enjoy its benefits and results.

To estimate the means for cleaning the house, you can use the following list of their positive qualities:

  • Organic composition;
  • Hypoallergenic components;
  • Ability to use in close contact with animals, allergies or children.

Of course, the cost of eco-cleaning will be higher because of the initial costs for materials, regarding cleaning using standard tools. But what is important is that this cleaning method does not affect the time of its implementation, due to which there is a balance in the price of eco-cleaning. Thus, you get an inexpensive hypoallergenic cleaning of your home, bringing joy and preserving your health to your family and friends.

And, by the way, the issue of eco-cleaning is also relevant in the post-repair period. In this case, there is a goal consisting of three tasks:

  1. To preserve the integrity and safety of the new premises;
  2. To organize the implementation of cleaning services with the maximum speed, compensating for the amount of work that has arisen after the construction or repair;
  3. Create environmental and hypoallergenic cleaning conditions, worrying about the proper health of the household.

And if the repairs and subsequent cleaning are only planned, we know a great option for such a case.

Studying the expanses of the Internet on requests similar to: “husband’s service for an hour” or “small household repairs – Kiev” – we offer you, once again, to save time and money, because our cleaning company provides a service for repair of apartments on a turn-key basis. If you need not only in clean and comfortable housing, but also in repairing washing machines, electricians at home, repairing the bathroom, furniture, televisions or plumbing work – CFservice with pleasure and ease will solve all these and many other maintenance tasks . We wish you to truly enjoy the opportunity to use your free time, and dispose of it the way you really want it!


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