Cleaning of cottages

Cleaning of cottages as a special kind of cleaning skills

General cleaning, daily cleaning, supporting cleaning, thorough cleaning – all this is offered to facilitate your home troubles cleaning company CFservice. But for the specialists of our cleaning agency, it is possible to put in order not only a small space, limited to the office or apartment, – CFservice is capable of more! The confirmation of these words is the provision of another service, namely: cleaning of cottages.

Have your own secluded place to rest outside the metropolis – this is a very beautiful circumstance, which does not require additional arguments.

But the real luxury is the ability to keep order and cleanliness in such scale, because these are not two and not even three rooms of a large apartment, but a space characterized by the presence of several floors, design features, various interior items, which in turn requires additional efforts to achieve a qualitative and effective result in the cleaning of country houses.

Interior items are characteristic for private houses, they create additional conditions and difficulties for cleaning such type of premises, for example: cleaning of carpets, washing of wide windows, cleaning of high ceilings and so on. In addition, when it comes to cleaning country houses, we mean cleaning not one-room apartments, but professional cleaning services for large rooms. Agree, in this case, for the general cleaning of cottages, and even more so for its daily cleaning – two master hands will be small.

Another fact is why it is a good idea to use professional cleaning services for private houses of CFservice specialists: we easily, quickly, and, most importantly, qualitatively provide cleaning after repairs. We understand what a complicated amount of work this is, bringing the cottage to a normal state and realizing cleaning after construction. And also, we know how quickly I want to cope with this, because after going through such a path to create your own private home, – the desire to quickly move into the settlement increases at times. That’s why our professionals are hurrying to your aid! More specifically, cleaning services for cottages include:

  • Washing of floors;
  • Washing of windows of any size;
  • Cleaning of ceilings;
  • Cleaning of carpets;
  • Care for decor and interior items;
  • Cleaning of specialized premises (attics, cellars, pantry).

By the way, about the repair. Even if you have already finished the repair routine, and it’s time to update some of the components, for example: a broken bedside table, a non-working outlet or a loose door handle – experts of our cleaning agency will cope with this. After CFservice offers you, once again, to save time and money, because, our cleaning company provides a service for repair of apartments on a turn-key basis. If you need not only in clean and comfortable housing, but also in repairing washing machines, electricians at home, repairing the bathroom, furniture, televisions or plumbing work – CFservice with pleasure and ease will solve all these and many other maintenance tasks . We wish you to truly enjoy the opportunity to use your free time, and dispose of it the way you really want it!


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