Cleaning after a fire

Moral support is not for us

When a fire arises in the house – this is certainly a big trouble, the consequences of which, one way or another, will have to be eliminated. It is doubly insulting when, in addition to the damaged property, you will have to spend the energy and time for cleaning after a fire. The cleaning company CFservice will not limit itself to moral support, but offers you real help in the form of quality services to restore the apartment after a fire.

Cleaning after a fire, of course, has its own characteristics, it will be more difficult to cope with, with respect to general or even everyday cleaning.

The reason for this is the consequences, which, unfortunately, are much more extensive, with respect to the routine disorder. Eliminate the remains of burnt, traces of destroi and soot, remove the smell of smoke from upholstered furniture and curtains – it’s not easy. That’s why we have created a cleaning agency CFservice, which has a European experience in its arsenal, and the skills of specially trained professionals.

If we talk not only about the emotional factor, then we should pay attention to the aspect of health. The fact is that traces of ignition, as a rule, are a consequence of certain chemical processes. Their results, in the form of derivatives of certain substances, very often are harmful and dangerous for the health of the household. In this case, the situation is aggravated by the fact that with the help of the usual household chemicals, with cleaning after a fire can not cope, moreover, for this type of cleaning, will also need specialized equipment.

Cleaning the apartment after repair and fire, I want to eliminate all possible consequences reminding of trouble as soon as possible. Just with this intention of saving your time, CFservice employees organize the cleaning of the room after a fire in the best possible way.

Flormula recovery: qualified cleaning + household repair services

Undoubtedly, the consequences of a fire can not be eliminated with the help of only general or complex cleaning. Cleaning is a very effective way to bring the house in order with the help of professional cleaning. But after the fire of the room you will need at least minimal maintenance services that CFservice also offers for you!

Studying the expanses of the Internet on requests similar to: “husband’s service for an hour” or “small household repairs – Kiev” – we offer you, once again, to save time and money, because our cleaning company provides a service for repair of apartments on a turn-key basis.

If you need not only in clean and comfortable housing, but also in repairing washing machines, electricians at home, repairing the bathroom, furniture, televisions or plumbing work – CFservice with pleasure and ease will solve all these and many other maintenance tasks . We wish you to truly enjoy the opportunity to use your free time, and dispose of it the way you really want it!


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