Cleaning after repair

“9 circles of Hell” or cleaning the rooms after repairs

No, not according to Dante, but clinching after repair is a particularly complicated kind of household routine. After cleaning, after construction, there are also very important tasks, because it is very important to eliminate all post-repair consequences, such as: construction dust, an abundance of debris, divorce from repair mixtures, etc., – accurately and correctly.

Because there is a risk of the work done “nadmarku” and the efforts spent, in connection with the fraughtness of the consequences of the wrong approach to cleaning.These are: potential scratched windows or new laminate, damaged furniture surfaces and many other unpleasant outcomes of the wrong approach to cleaning after construction and repair.

Worthy arguments for contacting a professional cleaning specialist, is not it?

CFservice, wins at the expense of its main advantages as a competitive cleaning company, namely:

  • Long-term experience, allowing to take into account previous cleaning cases and improve their skills;
  • Qualification of specialists who really love their work, and accordingly, perform it as qualitatively as possible;
  • Efficiency in the provision of cleaning after repair and construction, so you have the opportunity to move into the renovated dwelling as soon as possible.
  • European experience in creating a clean and comfortable home, which we are pleased to apply in our country, adjusting to the individuality of the Ukrainian consumer.

Size matters?

Whether it is cleaning the apartment after repair, cleaning the cottage after construction or office – the degree of complexity of such a service is preserved.

But on how much it costs cleaning after repair, – the size of the room really does. Our company has managed to form a pricing policy and payment systems for the maximum convenience of our customers. Due to this, you have the opportunity to calculate in advance the cost of cleaning or repair using a calculator – yourself, or to take the help of our managers. The payment itself will be made directly after the work done, after you have assessed the result of our efforts.

And yet, “How much does it cost to clean the apartment after repairs?” – one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Given the individuality in the approach to each order, the cleaning company CFservice adheres to unique evaluation criteria, because it is important for us to listen to every exclusive request of the client. Thus, we create one of the best cleaning services in Kiev.

By the way, about the repair. Studying the expanses of the Internet on requests similar to: “husband’s service for an hour” or “small household repairs – Kiev” – we offer you, once again, to save time and money, because our cleaning company provides a service for repair of apartments on a turn-key basis. If you need not only in clean and comfortable housing, but also in repairing washing machines, electricians at home, repairing the bathroom, furniture, televisions or plumbing work – CFservice with pleasure and ease will solve all these and many other maintenance tasks . We wish you to truly enjoy the opportunity to use your free time, and dispose of it the way you really want it!


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