Уборка перед родами в Киеве

Cleaning before childbirth

The birth of a child is an exciting and important event for his parents. For the birth, many begin to prepare in advance, buying a crib, stroller and other necessary things, But, unfortunately, only some of the future parents recalls that it is necessary to prepare an apartment in which the baby will spend the first days of life. Professional cleaning before delivery is the right decision, which will make the premises as clean as possible.

Why cleaning an apartment before giving birth is so important?

We, adults, have adapted and are accustomed to all extraneous smells, bacteria, microbes and dust that is in the apartment. But the child just born to all this is not ready at all. In addition, doctors recommend not to let long-haired animals close to the newborn to avoid allergies.
No matter how carefully you do not put things in order in the apartment, you can also do it qualitatively, like professional clippers and special equipment, you still will not succeed. When cleaning it is worth paying attention to such places where you need the most thorough cleaning:

Upholstered furniture and carpeting. They are the number one danger. Textiles and nap well accumulate dust and odors, in the fibers can even wind up a dust mite. Therefore, sofas and carpets need not just thoroughly vacuum, but pull the dust from the lower layers.
Window frames, door handles, sockets, skirting boards. That is, the most inconspicuous corners in our house where “dust”, small garbage, and sometimes cobwebs “like” to collect.
Bathroom and kitchen. Here, mold and plaque can form, so this room in the apartment should also be given attention.
To clean the apartment before the arrival of the wife from the maternity hospital is a good idea and an opportunity to surprise her. The newly-mum will not have to spend time cleaning, washing and ironing, she will return to the cleaned clean apartment where she can immediately take care of the baby.

General cleaning before delivery – how it passes

It is not for everyone to carry out a general cleaning in an apartment, especially important. Therefore, many future parents decide to invite a clinning team, which will perform all the work quickly and efficiently. And there is work to be done:

Washing windows and window frames, window sills and sockets, pens and radiators, cornices. Curtains need to be removed and washed, but they can also be treated with a steam generator.
Removing dust from just about everything: cabinet furniture, shelves and shelving, tables, window sills and even the back walls of cabinets.
Good cleaning of upholstered furniture – sofas, mattresses and pillows. For effective cleaning, you need a special powerful vacuum cleaner, which is available from the cli- ners.
Dust removal from all lighting fixtures, books, table lamps, paintings and other things. It is necessary to wipe everything from dust that is on the shelves, tables, windowsill.
The last clean carpets and wash the floors.
After living quarters, you need to go to the bathroom and the kitchen. Here you need to remove dust and clean the tiles, plumbing, all surfaces. For this you need to use “chemistry”. Clippers have special tools that do not harm the surface, but quickly and efficiently eliminate pollution. In short, cleaning a house before giving birth is a very troublesome and tedious task, which is best left to the shoulders of professionals.

Why choose us?

Such work, as cleaning before childbirth, can not be trusted to anyone. Therefore, we recommend immediately contact the service, where there is the necessary equipment and guarantees for the work performed. Perhaps it will require you to pay financial costs, but you do not have to participate in cleaning. In addition, you can choose a convenient time for the clinners and continue to do their own business. Such a service can still be called “turn-key cleaning”. That is, you go to work, and our clanners start cleaning and cleaning. Upon your return, you only need to take work and enjoy the cleanliness of the house.
Our other advantages are:
• Wide range of services. We offer not only ordinary cleaning, but also narrow-level cleaning. For example, after lodgers, before and after the holidays and so on. Each type has its own nuances.
• We leave almost to all addresses in the city of Kiev, at any convenient time for wax.
• We use professional equipment and cleaning products. Thanks to this in the room you can quickly remove all debris, dust, pollution.
• Loyal price policy. We strive to be “affordable” for each of our customers.

Cleaning an apartment before giving birth in Kiev does not require you to have the time or energy. To do this, you just need to quench the team of professional clinics. Our mobile team will have time to put the house in order in just a couple of hours, depending on the dimensions of the housing and the front of the work. Contact us and find out what a truly clean apartment is.


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