Уборка квартиры после квартирантов в Киеве

Cleaning after the tenants

For many people who often rent their apartment to vacationers or let tenants, the cleaning question remains urgent. Well, if people settled neat and responsible. And if not? Not every tenant of the apartment considers it necessary to clean up there or keep cleanliness at all. Therefore, cleaning after the tenants is one of the popular services in the cleaning company CFservice.

Why is it so important to clean the apartment after the tenants?

In any living room there is an atmosphere and even a smell. A clean apartment is always nice and fresh. It is very important to maintain such an atmosphere in a rented dwelling, so that every new group of tenants immediately wants to settle there. In the event that you yourself decided to live in your apartment, you need a thorough cleaning, which can only be carried out qualitatively by professionals.

General cleaning of the apartment after the tenants:

Cleaning of upholstered furniture and all carpets. Even if they are visually clean, dust and small debris are collected in the fibers of the fabric and pile, as well as smells that can only be cleaned with professional cleaning and equipment.
Washing of all mirror and glass surfaces.
Washing equipment, plumbing and cabinet furniture.
Cleaning of dust and small debris in the most inaccessible places.
To tell a long time what a general cleaning is, how long and hard it is to do it, it’s not worth it. Almost every adult with this sign. To save a lot of time and effort, we recommend contacting our cleaning service and very soon enjoy the cleanliness and freshness of the housing.

Cleaning after tenants – stages of professional cleaning

To do any cleaning quickly and efficiently, the whole front of the work needs to be divided into stages. In addition, professional equipment and means for cleaning and washing different surfaces are needed. Not all homes can be found at least one of the above. The usual household cleaning is also good. But if it is a question of cleaning after strangers, here it is necessary to act in more radical ways.
Our cleaning company offers to perform any kind of cleaning quickly and efficiently, because we took into account all the above conditions. Our cleaning consists of the following stages:
• Cleaning and removal of all garbage and extraneous things that the tenants could leave.
• Cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets. In addition, we can immediately dry cleaning furniture and carpets. This is convenient, because you can simultaneously clean up at home and refresh the appearance of the sofas. Do not call the clinics twice.
• Wiping all surfaces from dirt, fingerprints and other things – door handles, switches, sockets, cabinets, shelves, tables and so on.
• Cleaning of plumbing in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
• Washing equipment. It is on the technique of collecting a lot of dust and pollution. If you do not remove them regularly, they eat into the surface and in the future they are very difficult to wash.
• Wet cleaning, washing windows, window frames.
• If necessary ironing clothes.

In addition to the listed types of work, our company performs “turn-key” cleaning. You just need to show us the apartment, then our team will put it in order without your participation. This service is very convenient, since you can order cleaning, while at work or doing your own business. In addition, by inviting our team to you in advance, after a couple of hours you can safely show the apartment to new tenants.

Why choose our cleaning service?

Cleaning companies are now quite a lot. They all offer different services. But once you decide to invite one of them to your home for high-quality and quick cleaning, you may face a number of problems – expensive, do not perform all the services you need, do not go to your neighborhood and others.
Cleaning the apartment after the tenants in Kiev with our company is another story. We appreciate and are glad to each our client. Therefore, in the first place for us after the quality of cleaning is the attitude towards customers. In addition, we have the following advantages:
• We offer a wide range of services, we carry out various types of cleaning of any scale.
• We work with professional equipment and detergents / cleaning agents. Therefore, we can choose a tool specifically for cleaning this or that surface without causing damage.
• Possibility to order “turnkey cleaning”.
• Loyal price policy. We try to offer services at the best prices for each client. Therefore, to cooperate with us is always beneficial.
Do you want the apartment to shine with cleanliness and novelty, but there is no desire to spend time cleaning? Then the CFservice cleaning service is the best solution. Professional clinics will perform all work quickly and efficiently in the shortest possible time. We leave on all addresses in Kiev, in any convenient for you day and time. We can clean apartments after tenants and premises of different area and type.


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