Уборка после праздника в Киеве

Cleaning after the holiday

Holidays like everything, but to bring the apartment in order after the invasion of the guests like units. Usually this troublesome business takes a whole day, even in a very small apartment. If you do not want to waste your time and energy on cleaning, and in a crushed apartment you need to somehow live further, contact the professionals. Cleaning the apartment after the holiday with us – it’s fast, high-quality and beautiful.

When should an apartment be put in order?

Inviting guests to their homes, you frantically begin to lay out books in places and wash all the mirror surfaces. In addition, you need to cover the festive table. After the celebration, you expect almost the same thing, but instead of cooking you will need to wash up a mountain of dishes.

For our customers we offer the following types of cleaning:
• Cleaning the apartment before the holiday. A team of professional clinics will quickly bring your apartment in order – cleaning furniture and carpets, polishing all glass and mirror surfaces, cleaning plumbing, cabinet furniture, wet cleaning and so on.
• Cleaning after the holiday. The front of the work in this case is much more – a comprehensive cleaning of all premises. If necessary, cleaning furniture and carpets. Such cleaning can be done by our company “on a turn-key basis”, that is, you show the premises that need to be removed and then you accept work.

Cleaning apartments before and after the holidays may also be required. If you have a birthday, a children’s birthday or any important date for you, a clean and tidy apartment that smells fresh is the best start for any event at home.

Cleaning the apartment after the holiday – services

Such cleaning includes many items that you might not even know about. Inviting our team to you, you will receive:
• Washing windows and window frames, window sills.
• Washing of all mirror and glass surfaces.
• Cleaning / dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.
• Washing of cabinet and plastic furniture, appliances.
• Wet cleaning, washing floors.
• If necessary, washing dishes.
• Ironing of linen.

That is, you can safely shift all the efforts to us, we will organize a real harvesting holiday! The most important thing is that you do not have to take any part in it. If necessary, we can carry out a thorough cleaning in the absence of the owner. It is also very convenient, you will return to a clean and cleaned apartment. You will not have to wait until our team has completed all the work.
Cleaning the apartment The action for the holiday The birthday is another our advantage and an interesting offer for the customers. Often on my birthday I want to get together in a family circle. In order not to waste time tedious cleaning, just pull us to yourself.

Why with professionals quickly and efficiently?

Cleaning after a birthday or other important event can take from a couple of hours to a couple of days. But with us any disorder will disappear in a matter of hours. How is this possible? Our company uses modern equipment and professional tools for cleaning and cleaning of various surfaces. There are also rules to help you quickly remove the apartment.
Cleaning the apartment after the holiday in Kiev with our professionals to share in several stages. Due to this, all work takes a minimum of time, and the results will please the owner of the apartment.
The first stage: cleaning furniture, equipment, all vertical and horizontal surfaces. Here it is possible to carry cleaning of sanitary ware, sinks and other. This is the most “dirty” stage of harvesting.
The second stage: washing mirror and glass surfaces, windows, window frames, door handles, sockets. That is, at this stage, cleaning and washing the most inconspicuous at first glance corners and elements in the apartment.
The third stage: Vacuuming and wet cleaning. Klinners wipe the dust, collect garbage, wash the floor. This is the final stage after which the apartment owner can take work or point out the shortcomings in the cleaning.
To the neighbors did not speak with a smile, “People before the holiday cleaning!”, You can invite our team. The staff of the cleaning company will perform all the work quickly and efficiently. At this time you can know your own business or relax.

Several reasons to order cleaning of the apartment with us:
• High-quality and fast cleaning after the holiday in Kiev, it may take only a couple of hours to make your apartment again clean and cozy.
• We use modern equipment and effective means for removing contaminants from different surfaces and of any origin.
• Mobile cleaning of furniture and carpets. Do not call the clinics twice. For one visit, you can clean the apartment and clean all the upholstered furniture in the house.
• A wide range of services, cleaning both after the holiday and before, which is also very actual now service.
• Loyal price policy, we try to make our services not only diverse, but also at an affordable cost.
Klinningovy service – is an opportunity without the hassle and waste of time to bring the apartment in order and meet the guests in a good mood and in a neatly tidy apartment. Try it, how it’s profitable and easy with us!


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