Services of general cleaning of offices in Kyiv

Services of a cleaning company for general cleaning of an office in any district of Kyiv. The fixed price for cleaning offices per square meter.

The price of office cleaning

General cleaning of the office

What services are included in the general cleaning of the office:

  • Washing of window blocks from all sides.
  • Washing of window sills, low tides and slopes.
  • Wall cleaning with dust and cobwebs removed.
  • Cleaning ceiling niches.
  • Washing and subsequent wiping of chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces.
  • Washing pipes and radiators.
  • All furniture surfaces will be washed and wiped.
  • Washing mirrors and mirror surfaces.
  • Cleaning office partitions.
  • Proper and thorough cleaning of floors, regardless of type. Be it tile, parquet, laminate or board.
  • Complete washing of plumbing units – toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, faucets and taps.
  • Wipe to clean door blocks.


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