Washing of facades

Not only people are met by clothes. The appearance of any building attracts attention, and depending on its condition – such an important first impression is formed, which can be both positive and negative.

Realizing this, every self-respecting structure should pay due attention to cleaning the facades. After all, in the city, the outer part of the building is most prone to pollution, because:

  • Air has a high content of dust and transport emissions
  • Regular rains create stains on the facades of buildings
  • Building materials of facades are rusted and fouled
  • Street vandalism may cause cleaning of facade buildings

Why not do without the help of professional washing facades

When there is a need for cleaning the facades of buildings, this by default means interference and assistance from experts in cleaning skills.

First, the specificity of high-altitude work. In this case, professionals of the cleaning company CFservice do not just perform cleaning services, but perform complex works on assembling and dismantling equipment for washing facade buildings, and realize their activities in conditions of specific height and environment.

Secondly, the cleanliness of your facade will provide not only the necessary equipment, facilities and proper cleaning, but also skilled skills of specialists. After cleaning the facades requires a certain technique, and its improvement through practical experience.

Washing of building facades – cost

The issue of the price of cleaning the facades from bottlenecks and other contaminants that will prevent their destruction, and prolong the absence of the need to update the repair work – depends on the degree of fouling of the facades.

Specialists of the cleaning agency CFservice will gladly advise you on the issue of cleaning the facades, prices, and many other nuances associated with this type of cleaning.

Also, the feature of our cleaning company is the availability of an assortment of services for small household repairs. We will provide at your disposal excellent specialists who will carry out minor repairs in your office or any other room, and afterwards, our team of clinics will provide you with a professional after-cleaning service!


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