Cleaning after building

Over the shoulders of a repair undertaking, it is the goal of starting a business, in a new and comfortable room. And when, at last, the most difficult stage is left behind, and construction works come to an end, the matter remains for no less important task – professional cleaning after repair.

Post-construction cleaning is definitely the mission with which the professionals of the cleaning company CFservice will best cope. And this statement is not really groundless, because there are a lot of reasons for choosing the cleaning of the premises after repairs in favor of our cleaning service.

First, the complexity of conducting cleaning services after repair. It lies in the technical aspect, after all, after the construction remains remnants of repair chemistry and building materials that can not be washed without the help of a professional. And also, in physical terms, since cleaning after repair is characterized by the presence of bulky post-construction debris, with the removal and disposal of which is best handled by specialists from our cleaning agency.

Is it worth it to entrust post-construction cleaning to our professionals

Cleaning the premises after construction and repair is an important step that separates such a protracted stage of preparation for the long-awaited start of work and putting the premises into operation. Therefore, it is very important to perform a cleaning procedure promptly and qualitatively in order to draw a line and give life to the goal.

How much does it cost to clean rooms after repairs – this is a very individual matter. The CFservice cleaning company has a very high level of client orientation, that is why, for each customer, a unique price for post-construction cleaning will be made, taking into account all the features of the premises and every request of the client.

And if, after major repairs, there is a need for small jobs, – CFservice will gladly contribute to their implementation. After all, the feature of our cleaning company is the availability of an assortment of services for small-scale household repair. We will provide at your disposal excellent specialists who will carry out minor repairs in your office or any other room, and afterwards, our team of clinics will provide you with a professional after-cleaning service!


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