Snow cleaning

Snow removal services are not in vain so relevant and necessary in the winter season. Undoubtedly, the feeling of the holiday and the creation of a good mood – with this the snow copes “with a bang.” But also “successful” snow, about which, as often happens, the proper services did not take care of – it creates a traffic problem, contributes to injuries and causes damage to the shoes.

The cleaning company CFservice believes that these, and many other reasons are a weighty argument for using our snow cleaning services. Our cleaning service works with:

  • Snow removal from roofs
  • Cleaning of the roof from snow and ice
  • Snow cleaning
  • Snow removal

Our cleaning company provides a full range of cleaning services. And cleaning from snow – also included in their number. We work with high-quality equipment, which allows us to collect a large amount of snow, and withdraw it from the territory of your enterprise.

The experience of our specialists allows us to deal with snow clearance both with the help of technology and manually. For example, we clean the roof of snow with the help of a specialized group of industrial climbers, who have the proper qualifications in cleaning the roof from snow.

Advantages of snow cleaning by CFservice specialists

Or, when it comes to exporting snow from the territory – our specialists know how, with the help of their skills and professional inventory, to quickly collect any amount of snow, and bring it to a specially designated place for it.

As to how much it costs to clean snow – CFservice forms a price based on the characteristics of each order. After all, every cleaning of the territory from snow has its own characteristics in the form of the number of hard-to-reach places, the volume of snow mass, the height of buildings and the scale of the territory of your structure.

Also, the feature of our cleaning company is the availability of an assortment of services for small household repairs. We will provide at your disposal excellent specialists who will carry out minor repairs in your office or any other room, and afterwards, our team of clinics will provide you with a professional after-cleaning service!


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