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WASHING OF ALL windows for FIXED price

Order WASHING of ALL windows in your apartment for the FIXED value:

All windows in 1 room apartment 650 UAH. 390 hryvnas.
All windows in 2 room apartments750 UAH. 490 hryvnas.
All windows in 3 room apartment850 UAH. 590 hryvnas.
All windows in 4-room apartment950 UAH. 690 hryvnas.
All windows + balcony windows + 450 UAH. + 250 hryvnas. to the cost of washing windows in the apartment.

Departure within Kiev is included in the price.

Extra payment if:
– windows after repair or installation (double cost)
– windows with double frames (double cost)
– trunk, arched, trapezoidal windows (calculated area)
– windows with heavy contamination (concrete, putty, stickers, adhesive tape or hard to remove wallpaper)
– blinds, roller shutters, mosquito nets – according to the company’s tariffs
– departure outside Kiev

мойка окон мийка вікон помити всі вікна акція акция

Answers to typical questions:

Do you really wash all-all the windows in the apartment and the balcony window for a fixed price? Is not the cost of washing a single window or balcony? – Yes, we wash. No, this is the cost for all windows. Let them be 5, 7 or 10.

Can you wash only the windows on the balcony? – Unfortunately no. We only use the balcony windows along with the windows in the apartment.

Do you wash windows in homes / cottages / offices? – Yes, we wash. But this action is spread only to apartments. To order windows washing in homes, cottages or offices – you need to make an order through the Calculator.

How to order a service? – Call us and agree on the address, date and time of service.

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